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Cellular Data, Microsoft exchange and formatting your PC

Avoid unnecessary data usage.


Formatting your PC is usually a good thing as it clears all unnecessary files and tons of data you haven’t used for years.


But here’s the risk… Microsoft Exchange 


All data that has previously passed through the exchange server is stored on the server for your convenience and incase you need a back up. This is all good but as soon as you reconnect to the exchange server, your account is recognized and the transfer of data to your PC starts again.


Now the average text or HTML based email is relatively small but the size of your entire picture, video and email attachments are usually a far larger. Estimate how many emails you receive, how big they are and multiply that by the number of days since your last PC format or since you have been using the Microsoft Exchange server. This total is most likely close to the amount of data you will chomp away in this automated backup.


Ouch… Many megs… Not too bad if you are on an uncapped ADSL but your 3G contract will cost you about R2 per meg once you have reached your cap…

Score for MTN, Vodacom or Cell C but painful to your bank account…


BlackBerry 9320 – A great Deal

BlackBerry 9320

The cheapest cellphone available in Africa today, includes FM Radio.

BlackBerry just introduced a Curve model, the 9320, that incorporates FM radio.”

Seeing that there is a real market demand RIM overshadowed the opinions of competitors.


“On most high-end smartphones, you can only listen to FM by downloading an app and incurring data charges for every minute of listening time. Guess what? Low-end users are smart enough to figure out that data apps don’t make sense for local radio.” This is a sure fire way to get the most value from your Blackberry 9320.


Looking for a new cell phone?

The ever popular Blackberry 9320 is available form Altech Autopage Celluler and Details can be found here. Visit one of out stores in Gauteng and see for yourself. The Blackberry 9320 is bar far a leader in the low-end cellular market.