More Access to your Account

Connect to your account online. As the main account holder, we understand how important it is to know what is going on with account at all times. What if you could log in from anywhere in the World and view your entire account. With My.Account you can not only view your statements and unbilled calls, you can also upload all your contacts to an online phonebook to ensure you never lose a number again! With this service, you can access an in-depth analysis of your itemised billing by mobile number, date and cost. Monitor the calls you’re spending the most time and money on with our Call Cost Analyser. You can also request any one of our Value-Added Services, change your personal details and update your banking details from the comfort of your home or office – anytime of the day or night.

  • My.Account PRO
  • My.Account Lite
  • Frequent Balance Information (FBI)

More Cover

We understand that your phone is not just a phone. It’s your diary, your photo album, your music collection, your business partner and your address book. If your phone were to be lost or stolen tomorrow, we understand that you’ve lost more than just a handset. Whether it’s your SIM card, handset or protection against fraud, we have you covered. Protect your handset and SIM card against theft and sign up for one of our comprehensive insurance packages. With the increase in fraud, you’ll be covered against fraudulent and unauthorised use of your SIM and mobile phone. Our policies also include cover against retrenchment and death. Let Altech Autopage Cellular connect you to more cover.

  • SIM and Handset Insurance

More Messaging

You love your mobile phone, you love to talk and you love to socialise. With these services, Altech Autopage Cellular connects you to more messaging. Whether you choose to send a BBM with the BlackBerry Service or simply want your FAX to find you, let us connect you with a solution that will save you money on messaging.

  • BlackBerry Services
  • Fax-a-mail

More Peace of Mind

Help is just a phone call away! Ever had a geyser burst at 11pm on a Tuesday night and didn’t know who to call. Or perhaps you’ve been left stranded on the side of the road with a burst tyre and no one to assist you. Altech Autopage Cellular offers its clients a 24/7 service to help in emergency situations like this. Whether it’s medical, legal, roadside and home assistance, with My.Security you always have someone to call.

  • MTN WhereRU/To My Aid
  • Vodacom Look4me/ Look4Help
  • My.Security
  • Symantec

More Entertainment

Get connected to TV and music on your mobile phone! With a DVB-H enabled handset, you can watch sport, cartoons, music videos, news and more on your mobile phone. Connect to hours of entertainment from Altech Autopage Cellular and DStv for just R9 per week. Or if you’re a premium DStv subscriber you get all these channels at no extra cost to you. Keep the kids entertained while you drive, let your husband catch a glimpse of the game or keep up-to-date with current affairs via the news channel. Let us connect you to 24 hours of entertainment for the whole family.

  • DSTV Mobile
  • My.Music